2009 Community Service Honorees (l to r)
Ethel Hayden, Barbara Kohn, Paul Glasgall, Shirley Haggstrom with Richard Cohen and Bill Rosendahl


Each year the Community Council honors those who have made a contribution to Pacific Palisades by initiating some benefit to the community with the award "Golden Sparkplug".

We also honor those who's contribution to Pacific Palisades has been their steady, reliable, long-term service with a "Community Service" award.

Guidelines for these awards and the names of recipients are presented below.


The “Golden Sparkplug Award” ceremony, sponsored by PPCC, is held in conjunction and in cooperation with the “Citizen of the Year” award (when awarded) sponsored by the Palisadian-Post. The event is generally held on the 4th Thursday in April, but conflicts with holidays should be considered. The PPCC Chair makes the opening remarks at the event and presents the “Golden Sparkplug Award(s)”. Each “Golden Sparkplug Award” winner and one guest receive a complimentary dinner ticket.


1. No later than 12 months prior to the event, the Chair shall

a. Coordinate and establish the event date with the Palisadian-Post and the venue, and

b. Notify the Palisades Chamber of Commerce to place the event date on the community calendar.

2. No later than the first meeting in November,

a. The Chair shall appoint the “Golden Sparkplug Awards” selection committee and the “Sparkplug Event” committee,

b. The chair of the event committee shall coordinate with the Palisadian-Post in order to establish the deadline for the selection of the “Golden Sparkplug Award” winner(s) to coincide with the selection of the “Citizen of the Year” award winner,

c. Taking the selection date into consideration, the chair of the selection committee, with the approval of the Chair, shall establish the deadline to submit the “Golden Sparkplug Award” nominations, and coordinate with the Palisadian-Post the publicity for the request for nominations.

3. Prior to the second meeting in January,

The event committee shall coordinate with the Palisadian-Post and the venue the event details, such as budget, menu items, dinner ticket cost, reservation procedures, decoration, event ceremony, complimentary dinner tickets, guest parking, as well as the assignment of duties and tasks for the night of the event.


The Golden Sparkplug Award honors those citizens who ignite ideas and projects into community action that affect all of us.


1. The person must have launched a new idea or project of substantial benefit to the Palisades community.

2. The project must have been initiated, in progress, or completed during the previous calendar year.

3. The action must have been voluntary and not related to one's business or occupation.


1. Both adults and youth are eligible for the award

2. Only one member of a given group or committee

3. Have broad community appeal and represent a cross section of the community

4. Selected based on quality of work versus quantity of nominations


1. Open nominating letters and sort by names into youth and adult categories

2. Check for multiple nominations in one envelope

3. Review nomination letters

4. Evaluate how well the candidates meet the guidelines and sort into 3 groups:

4.1 Those requiring no further consideration

4.2 Those who could be candidates for the Community Service Award

4.3 Those eligible for further consideration and selection.


1. Discuss merits of each potential award winner

2. Vote

2.1 No committee member who nominates shall vote when that nomination is considered

2.2 No committee member shall vote for him/herself or a family member


1. Selection Committee completes synopsis and notifies the Chair.

2. Immediately following the approval of the “Golden Sparkplug Award” winner(s) the Chair shall

2.1 Notify the winners in person or by telephone prior to any public announcements,

2.2 Notify the Palisadian-Post and local elected officials including the Los Angeles Mayor, City Councilmember, County Supervisor, State Assemblymember, and State Senator, of the “Golden Sparkplug Award” winners or coordinate with the Palisadian-Post the notification of the dignitaries who will be invited to the event. The local member of Congress and California Senators also shall be notified.

2.3 Authorize the preparation of the “Golden Sparkplug Awards” plaque and

2.4 Notify PAPA to reserve cars for the “Golden Sparkplug Award” winners in the 4th of July parade.

3. The Chair of the “Sparkplug Event” committee shall follow up

3.1 With a written notification of the award winner(s) and event details such as reservations and parking,

3.2 Submit the biographies of the winner(s) to the Palisadian-Post for press release, and

3.3 Mail invitation letters to the prior “Golden Sparkplug Award” winners and the past PPCC Chairs.

Revised, June 26, 2008


1974 - Kate & Pete Ahrens, Vergene Bollens, Anna Priola (May), Lance Lee,
           Bob McMillen, Wally Miller, Shirley & Jim Solomon, Ed Staley, Ted Tennant

1975 - Ruth Block, June Chase, Ian Grant, Jeff Kool, Shelley Rosenberg,
           Winston Salser

1976 - Allan Elfant, Joe Jelikovsky, Margie Moore, Margaret Richards, Gloria Stout,
           Betty Thrower

1977 - June Blum, Maddy Garland, Cheryel Kanan, Mary Pitts, John Prough,
           Eula Thompson

1978 - Herb Furth, Robert Hamilton, June Payne, Sandy Schaefer, Rubin Smulovitz,
           Jim Stout

1979 - Richard Brodkin, Fran & Vic Brucher, Rubell Helgeson, Mike Lanning,
           Gene Romig, Burt Wuttken

1980 - Anne Goldfarb, Ted Green, Eva Holberg, Jean Pearson, Brian Shea,
           Arnie Wishnick

1981 - Jean Dillingham, Bobbie Farerow, Bob Neubacher, Jack Sauer, Hank Ullerich,            Del Wright

1982 - Deede Cady, Ethel Haydon, Don Lindsay, Bernice Park,
           Lelah & Townley Pierson, Chris Vatcher

1983 - Joan Graves, Rich Wilken, Al & Anita Sobelman, Pam Bruns, Jackson Steffes,
           Philip Hollingsworth

1984 - Paul Brown, Vern Peterson, Kathy Alexander, Cecile Billauer

1985 - Harold Vieau, Breck Wilson, Flo Elfant, Davic Janney

1986 - Bob Benton, Philip Leacock, John Lewis, Deann Wilken

1987 - Lisa Benscheidt, Ed Dillingham, Martha Brown, Betty McKenzie,
          Tom McKindley, Chris Price, Bill Bruns

1988 - Kit Festa, Peter Fleming, Marianna Ullerich, Harold Waterhouse, Randy Young

1989 - Lila Gordon, John Meyers, Karen Stone, Ron Wolf

1990 - Sarah Adams, Dorothy Bissell, Kat Kozik, Paula LeBrot, June Payne

1991 - Maria Bane, Everett Maguire, Adrian Sanders, John Scherrer

1992 - Lloyd Ahern, Georeg Billauer, Diane Hill, Phil Kamins, Irma Landa,
           Sophie Ravitz, Didi Carr Reuben

1993 - Jack Allen, Patty Beckwith, Rita Dalessio, Rita Gilmore, Dick Schmsky

1994 - Maureen Cruise, Bill Davis, Dottie Knight, Carol Leacock, Denise Melas,
           John Raitt

1995 - Loretta Ditlow, Margaret & Madison Goff, Carol Hurley, Lloyd Segal

1996 - Richard Blumenberg, Brandon Brough, Alex Man, Candida Piaggi

1997 - Bill Grieb, Klaus Radtke, Kurt Toppel

1998 - Stuart Muller, Susan Temple

1999 - Mitzi Blahd, Deborah Lloyd, Blake Merkin, Loretta Mazorra

2000 - Helen Cutler, Susan Nash, Larry Niles

2001 - Ted Mackie, Bob Sharka

2002 - Diane Wolfberg, Neal Seilman

2003 - Larry Jacobs, Carole Kenney, Nelson Clay Willis

2004 - Bob Jeffers, Roger Woods

2005 - Jim Blumel

2006 - Marie Steckmest, Stave Lantz, John Wirth, Deborah Hafford

2007 - Lisa Taylor, John Grosse

2008 - Amy Madnick, Dave Card

2009 - Ilene Cassidy, Dick Littlestone

2010 - Eric Bollens, Marge Gold, Linda Jackson

2011 - Barbara Marinacci, Keith Turner


PURPOSE: The purpose of the Community Service Award is to honor long term and continuing outstanding volunteer service by an individual to a Pacific Palisades neighborhood or to the community-at-large.



Any organization or individual in the community may nominate a candidate. There is no limit on the number of nominations an individual/organization may submit. Only nominations submitted specifically for this award are eligible for consideration, although the nomination may be supported by materials written for other awards. Nominations must be submitted in writing to the Chair of the Pacific Palisades Community Council at PO Box 1131 or by email to the Chair of the PPCC in accordance with the time frame suggested below.

Community Service Award Selection Committee:

The Chair shall appoint a Committee of not less than three (3) current members to review the nominations and select one or more persons to receive the Award. Prior to the Committee selecting persons for the Award, the Committee Chair shall circulate by email to other current members of the Board a list of those persons who have been nominated and ask that if any member of the Board desires to submit comments about any nominee, they should submit any comments to the Committee Chair within five days.


The recipient must be an individual. Each recipient’s service should be of a voluntary nature and not merely the beneficial outcome of official or business-related work that the recipient is engaged in.

The Award:

The award shall be chosen and prepared by the Committee and presented to the Recipient(s) at the Annual Pacific Palisades Community Council December Pot-luck Meeting. The Recipient(s) and their family members shall be guests of the PPCC. The Palisades Americanism Parade Association (PAPA) shall be notified of the names of recipients so they may be included in the Annual July 4 Parade. (Notify PAPA @ PO Box 1776, PP 90272).

First October Meeting: Distribute Award Guidelines and discuss the Award.
Submit Press Release to relevant publications soliciting nominations.

Second October Meeting: Appoint Award Selection Committee

The last Saturday in October: Deadline for receipt of nominations.

November meeting: Committee announces award winner(s), notifies the winner(s), notifies the Press [including Santa Monica Mirror, Brentwood Media (Palisades 90272), Palisadian-Post and other local media if appropriate] and the Board of Governors
Winners are invited to the December Meeting Pot-luck. Award Presentation.

Revised October 2009


1996 - Margaret Jose, Nancy Markel

1997 - Malcomb Abzug

1998 - Barbara Manaugh, Susan Oakley

1999 - Dorothy Bissell, Ron Dean

2000 - Bernice Park

2001 - Jack Allen

2002 - Deborah Held

2003 - Norma Spak, Frances Tibbits

2004 - Bill Bruns, Carol Hurley

2005 - Dieter and Eva Holberg

2006 - No Award

2007 - Cindy Simon

2008 - Mary Cole, Haldis Toppel, George Wolfberg

2009 - Shirley Haggstrom, Paul Glasgall, Ethel Haydon, Barbara Kohn

2010 - Andy Frew, Sigrid Hofer, Arnold Hofer

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