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December 12, 2002

November 14, 2002

October 24, 2002

October 10, 2002

September 26, 2002

September 12, 2002

August 15, 2002

July 25, 2002

June 27, 2002

June 13, 2002

May 23, 2002

May 9, 2002

April 25, 2002 (Citizen of the Year Dinner- No Meeting)

April 11, 2002

March 28, 2002 (Passover, Easter- No Meeting)

March 14, 2002

February 28, 2002

February 14, 2002

January 24, 2002

January 10, 2002

Minutes for Calendar Year 2001


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Board Minutes of December 12, 2002  

Board Members Present (including Alternates and Advisors):

George Wolfberg

Jack Allen

Larry Niles

Scott Wagenseller

Barbara Kohn

Norma Spak

Norman Kulla

Kurt Toppel

Margaret Goff

Larry Jacobs

Todd Ferrier

Marguerite Perkins Mautner

Stuart Muller

Ted Mackie

Peter Partain

Gilbert Dembo

Lorraine Oshins

Jennifer Cron

Paul Antieri.

Tony Sain


1.0     Introduction of Board and Audience:

The Chair called the meeting to order at 7:15 P.M. with the reading of the purpose of the PPCC as stated in its Bylaws.  Members of the Board and audience introduced themselves. 

1.1.    Moment of Silence for Passing of Frank Wilson

The Chair announced that former Chair Frank Wilson died during the week.  The Board observed a moment of silence in his memory.

2.0     Adoption of Minutes:

The Minutes of the November 14th meeting had been sent to the wrong email and their adoption was deferred.

3.0     Announcements and Concerns:

3.1     Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer was absent and no report was submitted.

3.2     Selection of Area Representative Alternates

This matter was deferred.

3.3     Status of Organizational Representative designations

New Education alternate Tony Sain was present and welcomed.      

3.4     Proposed installation of a 62' "monopalm" cellular antenna at Riviera Country Club

Marty Zimmerman on behalf of AT&T and Cindy Sage on behalf of neighboring Riviera residents made presentations.  Mr. Zimmerman is President of MMI Titan, Inc. (  Cindy Sage is the owner of SAGE Associates, Environmental Consultants (  Mr. Zimmerman appeared in support of AT&T's pending application for a conditional use permit, Case No. ZA2002-5107(CU).  Ms. Sage appeared in opposition.

Mr. Zimmerman stated that small cellular antennas like the one proposed are essential for providing cell service to the community.  He pointed out there is no AT&T cell service in Topanga Canyon because of inadequate cellular antennas.  He stated that the closest home to the proposed cellular antenna on the Riviera site was 200' away.  The proposed monopalm antenna had the appearance of a palm tree and presented no health hazard.

Ms. Sage stated that the proposed antenna would generate potentially cancer causing radio-frequency radiation.  She stated further testing was necessary to assess the proposed antenna's land-use compatibility.  There was extensive discussion of differing governmental standards defining what are safe levels of exposure for humans. 

The conditional use permit at issue requests a height exception:  62' instead of the allowable 32'.  A variance is not requested. 

There was extensive discussion involving Mr. Zimmerman, Ms. Sage and the community about alternatives and dangers.  It was noted that proposals to construct cellular antennas near Paul Revere, the Methodist Church and Calvary Church had been withdrawn due to community opposition.  Ms. Sage noted the reorientation of a Nextel antenna at the Summerland-Carpenteria fire station due to sleep disorder complaints by fire fighters after installation. 

Mr. Zimmerman stated that Riviera Country Club has not yet signed the necessary lease.

On motion of Barbara Kohn, seconded by Marguerite Perkins Mautner, the Board unanimously passed a motion to write a letter to appropriate Los Angeles city authorities requesting postponement of the scheduled December 19, 2002 zoning hearing so neighboring residents can obtain further information of the impact of the cellular antenna upon the residents.

3.5     Newsletter staffing

The Chair invited volunteers to assist in getting out the PPCC newsletter within the next several weeks.  Stuart Muller, Peter Partain and Ron Silverton volunteered.

4.0     Old Business

     4.1  Coastal Commission hearing re request from Sea View Restaurants dba Gladstones for retroactive approval for use of public parking lot and viewing deck by private restaurant, and to maintain an arched "Gladstones-4-Fish" monument sign {Application #5-91-141-A4}.

This matter was deferred.

     4.2  Proposed construction of a 4,400 square foot dwelling at 649 Resolano Drive {ZA 2002-4168 (CDP)}

The Chair announced that the Zoning Admisistrator report had been received approving the request subject to several conditions..

5.0     New Business

5.1     Presentation of Certificates of Appreciation to outgoing Board members

Certificates of appreciation were presented to outgoing Board members Bernadine Holtzman, Larry Niles, Scott Wagenseller, and Neven Karlovac.  A special certificate of appreciation was presented to Marguerite Perkins Mautner for her efforts on behalf of the Board's annual potluck dinner.

5.2     Presentation of Community Service Award to Deborah Held

Debbie Held was presented the Community Service Award for her dedicated service to AYSO.  The tremendous growth and success of this soccer program is a direct result of her efforts.  Viet N. Tran presented a certificate from Mayor Hahn recognizing Held as an outstanding volunteer.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 P.M..  The next meeting of the PPCC Board will be held at Mort’s Oak Room on January 9, 2003 at 7:00 P.M.

Minutes taken by Norman Kulla sitting in for the Secretary.

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Draft  for November 14, 2002

Board Members Present (including Alternates and Advisors)

- George Wolfberg  - Arthur Mortell  - Patti Post  - Maurizio Vecchione  - Harry Sondheim
- Gilbert Dembo  - Larry Jacobs   - Stuart Muller  - Marguerite Perkins Mautner
- Lorraine Oshins  - Norman Kulla  - Jennifer Cron  - Carl Mellinger    - Kurt Toppel
- Bob Jacobson

1.0                Introduction of Board and Audience:

The Chair called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with the reading of the purpose of the PPCC as stated in its Bylaws.  Members of the Board and audience introduced themselves. 

2.0                   Adoption of Minutes:

The Minutes of the prior meeting were adopted as corrected.. A correction is noted as received by email from Barbara Kohn. Stuart Muller moved and Marguerite Perkins Mautner seconded. Motion was accepted unanimously.

3.0                Announcements and Concerns:

3.1  Treasurer’s Report

There is $8,309.49 in the PPCC checking account and $4,774.77 in the savings account.  Printing costs for the Newsletter have yet to be paid.

3.2  Selection of Area Representatives Alternates

There continue to be vacancies in areas 6 & 7

3.3   Status of Organizational Representative designations

Alternate vacancies continue for Chamber of Commerce and Education

3.4 Final Call for Community Service Award Nominations

Nominations must be received by this evening to committee: Stuart Muller, Marguerite Perkins Mautner and Peter Partain.

3.5 Cancellation of DOT Pacific Palisades to Downtown Commuter Express (Route 430)

Over a year ago DOT begun discussion about canceling route with the Councilwoman Miscikowski’s office. The current proposal is to abandon service altogether –because the estimated 11 average riders are too low to justify the route. DOT has claimed that ridership did not increase despite advertising programs. Mr. John Redmond, representing the riders challenges that the City ever embarked in any kind of community promotion, and that the low ridership is due to lack of information about the route. He indicates that there are at least 11 Revere students that ride the bus regularly and challenges the estimate of 11 riders on average. Additionally DOT was criticized for having taken a decision without community feedback or riders’ feedback, and without offering any kind of notice period.. A suggestion was also offered as an alternative that DOT consider consolidate the two daily buses into one – leaving at least one daily service to the Palisades.

A question was asked by the Council on the exact route, to which the DOT representative Mr. David Rapinski explained that route starts at Sunset and PCH follows Sunset to Church lane – under freeway, to Sepulveda, UCLA and to the DOT park & ride, then on to the 405 Freeway, the SM Freeway to downtown along Grand, through the financial district to Union Station.. He then added that LADOT buses sit 43 people and that this route has averaged 6-12 people according to DOT surveys. LADOT is canceling this service to reallocate resources to other routes – LADOT operates 350 vehicles across 50 routes. He reminded everyone that the RTD used to run the 430 service – and found it to be an underperformer, and they proposed to cancel the route – city decided to step forward and LADOT took over the route. The 430 route has been a weak performer – Never reached triple digit ridership – in 1994 DOT introduced another park & ride lot and added two more buses to attempt to increase ridership – but route is still not performing. With the Councilwoman it was decided that significant ridership begins at the park & ride route --- and the DOT proposal offers a rerouted 431 to pick up service. This will add 27 minutes to commute time.

The Council asked if LADOT has available any commuter vans that could be used instead of the bus, to which Mr. Rapinski replied that LADOT does not.

Larry Jacobs inquired if the MTA routes to downtown can offer an alternative, to which representatives from the riders indicated that the route take 1:45hrs along surface streets. The Council asked if at least one bus could be kept, as proposed by the rider representatives. LADOT replied that one bus would not be cost effective based on how DOT contracts for driver services.  A question was asked about the 38 school buses that are sitting idle at the high school most of the day – and how feasible could be to use them in support of this route. LADOT indicates that the charter does not allow it.

Harry Sondheim asked why LADOT would make a decision without asking the passenger or try to find ridership?  LADOT indicated that they did survey the passengers.

The audience asked about the load factor of a median route in system, to which the LADOT representative answered that the route is 13% lower than average– based on a system  median of 38-40% seat utilization (with this not being its best performance). It was then pointed out that if all riders where combined on one bus rather than two, we would be average.  LADOT indicated that cost would still be the same due to the way services are contracted. 

The Council asked what initiatives were taken by LADOT to increase ridership. LADOT indicated that they did destination marketing, advertising the route in downtown circulars and billboards, as well as with downtown-based employers. Mitchell Lorenzo the PM for LADOT – pointed out again that 50% of riders are boarding at the Park & Ride stop – the reroute will still offer those passengers their service. The audience pointed out that a 27 minutes addition to the commute time is not an alternative.  Phil Ackers– also of DOT explained that LADOT’s mission is to reduce long-distance commuting, and therefore they do not consider short-distance riders, such as the Revere students. He added that DOT would discourage short-distance riding of its bus, as there are MTA alternatives for short distance.. The Council took objection to the statements, and encouraged DOT to listen to the wishes of its riders, and that their attitude does not seem to foster good will with the Community and the DOT’s own customers.

A member of the audience, who is also a rider criticized the marketing effort of LADOT, and indicated that the City provided no notice to allow any kind of community grassroots effort to attempt increasing ridership. He asked that the City delays implementing the cancellation for a period of at least six months to allow him and his fellow riders to help increase ridership.  The Council asked the representative of the Councilwoman when was this matter first considered – to which Craig Bullock replied that the matter was under review for a year. The Council expressed its dissatisfaction that the Community was not involved in providing either feedback or assistance to resolve this vital issue.

Arthur Mortell moved that the Council adopt  the following resolution:

The PPCC requests that the City of Los Angeles fund line 430 through June 2003. We ask that the City of Los Angeles fund a community-based marketing plan, developed with input from riders of line 430, with the purpose of increasing ridership. We request that both the LADOT and the ridership of the 430 deliver a progress report  to the PPCC by April of 2003.

Motion was seconded by Gilbert  Dembo. Motion was adopted unanimously.

3.6 Pot Luck Dinner

A sign up sheet is being circulated.

3.7 City of Los Angeles Street Furniture Project

A package was received from Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski describing various bus shelters, kiosks, and other street furniture to be installed by Viacom Decaux at bus stops at various intersections on Temescal, PCH and Sunset from the beach to Capri.

3.8 Coastal Commission de novo hearing re: 17633 Castellamare Drive

Tthe West LA Planning Commission decision approving Ben Leeds’ project was thrown out by the Coastal Commission which will hold a new hearing starting from scratch in the future.

3.9 Getty

Mr. Murdoch, Attorney. for plaintiffs confirmed that they have excluded the PPCC from the appeal filing.

4. Old Business

                4.1 Adoption of new Articles of Incorporation

This completes the merger of the PPC Foundation into PPCC as new Federal law allows a small amount of lobbying by tax exempt organizations without harming our tax exempt status. Arthur Mortell moved that the articles be accepted, Barry Kurtz seconded and the motion was accepted unanimously.

4.2 Alternatives for sidewalk repair

The Board of Public Works was requested to send experts to discuss sidewalk trees and the City’s strategies for sidewalk maintenance. City representatives in attendance included Thomas Thomas, Acting Assistant. Director, Dennis Weber, Superintendent for Special Projects, (tel. 213-485-6632, email:, and Greg Monfette from Special Projects.  The City provided a presentation relating to the City’s sidewalk policies. They discussed the creation of a new City wide program for sidewalk repair, in effect since the 2000-2001 budget. Current buidget allows repair to approx. 46 miles of the city’s worst sidewalks. In the 2001-2002 budget an additional 98 miles was approved.. In 2002-2003 the total was brought to 118 miles. This should be compared with the City having 6,000 miles of sidewalks. The program has pioneered a number of cutting edge repair techniques, including Grind Sidewalks, Meander Sidewalks, Enlarge Tree Well, Reduce Sidewalk Width, Rubberized pavers, Sidewalk Ramping and Rubberized Sidewalk.

Stuart Muller asked why, in light of the program, sidewalks are in still in such state of disrepair. City Representatives indicate that despite effort, overall budget is still minimal given the total citywide sidewalk network.

The Council inquired about the City’s policy for tree trimming – City indicated that there is a cycle based on the type of tree that is generally a 7-year cycle – again budget is an issue. Member of the audience commented on trees in the Palisades not having been trimmed for 20 years. 

Members of the audience asked about tree removal. The City indicates reluctance to remove trees unless special circumstances exist. Overall the City will try to preserve trees and sidewalks. Tree removal is only one element of a program that includes lots of other options. Additionally the City is encouraging homeowners to perform maintenance by issuing no-fee “A” permits.

Members of the audience flagged that Galloway has a severe problem.

Harry Sondehim asked how to report problems to the City and Dennis Webber suggested that people use the hotline number, 800-966 CITY to request service.

Larry Jacobs inquired on the effectiveness of the asphalt ramps, expressing the opinion that they had limited usefulness. City representatives indicated that for some types of damage these can be effective. They are also using grinding as an alternative.

A representative from Palisades Beautiful indicated that their organization planted 1,500 trees – but the City has lack of budget for pruning – a question was asked about pruning being performed on a more timely schedule. City representatives suggested that there is a request for budget for structural pruning – which would involve species-specific cycle – but budget and staffing are significant issues – he asks that the Community be an advocate to the Councilwoman for funding.

Stuart Muller asked what is budget for all sidewalks and what is the liability costs. City indicates that 118 miles at $21M is annual budget.

Alex Man a resident, commented that there is never any estimate from the City on replacement value for taking out a tree – should consider value to property. Should look at environmental and energy factors as well. It has been estimated that 10,000 trees will be removed – this is a huge value. And other benefits should be considered because there is a 20-year catch up time for new trees, as they represent a very important resource on which our own survival is important. He expressed the opinion that trees are a public resource and should be treated as such.

Carl Mellinger moved that the PPCC should send a letter to the Councilwoman to support increased funding for tree trimming and repair and decry lack funding to date and express concern.  Norm Kulla seconded. Motion was passed unanimously.

4.3 Planned construction at 216 Amalfi Drive

The homeowner and Mr. Mo Blorfroshan representing the DOT were present. DOT reports that they are responding to letters sent out – as well as concern from Coastal Commission. The homeowner is present and pledged support to any DOT traffic mitigation requests.  Representative of DOT has investigated site and has required a flagman – and the homeowner has agreed to the requirement. Marguerite Perkins Mautner expressed concern that, with parking, Amalfi is a one-lane street. Flagman would cause cars to backedup on three curves.  In response, the homeowner suggested that she can use walkie-talkie – will have signage – and blockage will be minimized and coordinated with LAUSD. The Council asked if parking could be restricted during work? DOT expressed the opinion that this would take away parking from residents. Arthur Mortell asks that a heavy equipment stationing point should be established to avoid a build-up with trucks waiting. He asks if the owner is willing to commit to establish a staging area. Arthur Mortell recommended that the Council recommend establishing a requirement for the homeowner to implement traffic mitigation measures including requiring a staging area.

5. New Business


The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.  The next meeting of the PPCC Board will be held at Temescal Canyon Park Dining Hall on December 12, 2002 at 7:00 P.M.

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Board Minutes of October 24, 2002

Board Members Present (including Alternates and Advisors):

George Wolfberg

Arthur Mortell

Patti Post

Norman Kulla

Kurt Toppel

Stuart Muller

Tipi Weiner

Bob Jacobson

Lorraine Oshins

Larry Jacobs

Barbara Kohn

Marguerite Perkins Mautner

Todd Ferrier.

Katy Lain

Peter Partain

Alice Karl

Ted Mackie

Richard Blumenberg

Gilbert Dembo

Jean Gold Friedman

Mark Elswick

Sam Stigler

Larry Jacobs

T.R. Gregory

1.0            Introduction of Board and Audience:

The Chair called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. with the reading of the purpose of the PPCC as stated in its Bylaws.  Members of the Board and audience introduced themselves. 

2.0            Adoption of Minutes:

The Minutes of the prior meeting (October 10, 2002) and of the meeting of September 26, 2002 were adopted.

3.0            Announcements and Concerns:

3.1    Treasurer’s Report

There is $7,934.23 in the PPCC checking account and $4,773.25 in savings.  All bills have been paid.  Receipts deposited since the News-letter was mailed exceed costs of the Newsletter by approximately $600.

3.2    Selection of Area Representative Alternates [Areas 6, 7 & 8

Barbara Richman was unanimously approved as Area 8 Alternate Representative.   Selection of alternates for Areas 6 & 7 was deferred.

3.3    Appointment of Community Service Award Nominating Committee

The Chair appointed Stuart Muller, Marguerite Perkins Mautner, and Peter Partain as the Community Service Award Nominating Committee.  Nominations are to be received by November 14, 2002.

3.4    Alternatives for sidewalk repair

Stuart Muller handed out Palisades Beautiful brochures, displayed photographs of some notable sidewalk damage due to tree root problems, and led a discussion regarding alternatives for sidewalk repair.  Stuart stated that homeowners are responsible for maintenance of sidewalks.  The Palisades Beautiful brochure provides a list of street tree designations; permit information and contact information for tree 

care maintenance.  Larry Jacobs agreed that the general rule is that homeowners are responsible for maintenance of sidewalks.  However, Larry stated there is an exception for street trees.  The city is responsible to cut roots, fix the sidewalk and do other necessary repairs when a street tree damages a sidewalk.  No one appeared for Palisades Beautiful.

Bob Benjamin of 1161 Galloway stated he is at war with a tree that continually breaks his pipes.  He stated he spoke with Dorothy Bissell of Palisades Beautiful.  He received an estimate for $3600 from a recommended vendor to trim the subject tree roots and repair the sidewalk. 

Alex Man pointed out the benefits of trees to air quality and suggested someone get in contact with LA Conservation Corps. whose mission is to preserve trees.

Stuart agreed to speak to Dorothy Bissell of Palisades Beautiful and urge that they expand their mission from the planting of trees to include maintenance of trees.

The Chair will invite the City Bureau of Street Services and conservation corps to discus policy and alternatives at the Board meeting of November 14.

3.5    Planned construction at 216 Amalfi Drive

Chair Wolfberg indicated he had written a letter to Councilwoman Miscikowski on behalf of the Santa Monica Civic Association requesting assurance of a safe construction site and with minimal disruption to the neighborhood and Bob Cavage of PPRA had also written seeking mitigation.  Councilwoman Miscikowski’s planning deputy was invited but was unable to appear before the PPCC Board tonight due to scheduling conflict, but has referred referenced letters to DOT.  A discussion ensued with concern expressed by various parties about the traffic impact during construction with large construction vehicles on essentially a one-lane road, dust control, and ingress-egress for emergency vehicles. 

Lisa Bittan, whose property is immediately above the project, circulated a newspaper article showing extensive damage to the hillside and her property from a landslide circa 1998.  She expressed serious concern about impact of drilling for 15 required caissons on this unstable hillside.

Patti Post moved, Norman Kulla seconded, and a motion unanimously carried to invite Ms. Miscikowski and all appropriate city department representatives to attend next PPCC Board meeting to explain how con-struction will be managed to assure safety of children from nearby Canyon Elementary, and address traffic issues and geology concerns.

3.6    Notice of intent to adopt MNG re Palisades Skate Park

Chair Wolfberg noted recent New York Times article regarding a study that showed that if protective gear is worn, skate boarding is safer in a Park environment.

3.7    Letter from Upper Riviera Homeowners Association re. Bulldozed deep cut in public access road at 1541 Casale Road [Winston Salser]

Letter circulated from Nina Rosenfield, President, Upper Riviera Homeowners Association expressing concern regarding bulldozing on public access road.  Chair advised the City has been requested to explain action.

3.8    Coastal Commission Appeal – 17633 Castellammare

Jour representative, ack Allen will monitor the hearing before Coastal Commission at San Diego Doubletree on November 5, 2002 regarding proposed development at 17633 Castellammare Drive, Ben Leeds applicant.

3.9    Will Rogers State Beach Debris

Barbara Kohn reported that the PPRA has requested an investigation by the California Attorney General into suspected criminal activity involving this sand replenishment project.  Barbara noted that the beach is currently partially fenced off.  She also noted that despite the passage by the Board of Supervisors of Supervisor's Yaroslavsky motion to remove the material dumped on the site, the objectionable material had not be removed.  Instead, this potentially hazardous material has been spread south on the beach.   Barbara further noted that the requested test results have not been released to the public.

Barbara moved, Stuart Muller seconded, and a motion was unanimously carried that:  The PPCC Board expresses its concern that the Dept. of Beaches & Harbor representatives were not forthcoming about the quality of materials placed on Will Rogers beach in their presentation to the PPCC Board (October 10 meeting).  Their statements were in conflict with video evidence presented by community observers (also on October 10).  The PPCC Board notes that on following day, on motion of Supervisor Yaroslavsky, the Board of Supervisors passed a resolution to remove the material.  This followed the October 9 letter to the Supervisor from Pacific Palisades Residents Association requesting the removal of the debris

The PPCC urges that an investigation be conducted concerning the Dept. of Beaches & Harbor sand replenishment practices: what occurred at Will Rogers should not be repeated in Pacific Palisades or in any other beach community in Los Angeles.

Chair to write letter to Supervisor Yaroslavsky expressing the community's concern, requesting an investigation and report back to PPCC.

3.10    Getty Decision

The Chair noted that the PPCC had withdrawn as a party litigant to the Getty matter.  A recent article by the Palisadian-Post referenced the PPCC as a party litigant.  Bill Bruns, editor of the Palisadian-Post, pointed out that the recently released Appellate Court opinion lists the PPCC as a party litigant.  The Chair will contact Chair Emeritus Sondheim to inquire and cause appropriate steps to be taken to remove the PPCC as a party. 

3.11    Temescal Canyon Storm Drain Diversion Project Signage

The Chair reported that he is working with City Engineerproject coordinator Andy Flores to address traffic signage problems relating to ongoing Temescal Canyon construction.

3.12    Planning for Pot Luck Dinner

Chair Wolfberg reported that Stewart Hall was unavailable on December 12, 2002 for the annual PPCC Potluck dinner.  Discussion ensued regarding changing the date of the dinner to either December 5 or December 19 in order to continue using the traditional Stewart hall location.  Alternately, members of the council could personally contribute monies and cater the event at Mort's.  Barbara Kohn and Jeannie Gold Friedman will comprise the Dinner Committee and will consult with Bobbie Farberow regarding pricing and availability and report back regarding this alternative.  The Chair will contact the Temescal Canyon Park Management to investigate alternatives.

3.13    Pending Installation of “edge lines” on Entrada Drive

The Chair reported that "edge lines" are to be added on Entrada Drive from Canyon School to Adelaide.  These white lines will make the roadway appear smaller and are intended to slow traffic for safety purposes.

3.14    West L.A. Area Planning Commission Agenda for October 30, 2002

The Chair announced the West L.A. Planning Commission Agenda for October 30, 2002.

3.15    Appointment of Board Representative to serve on P.R.I.D.E. Board

The chair announced that Kurt Toppel had agreed to serve as our representative on the P.R.I.D.E. Board.

4.0       Old Business


5.0       New Business

5.1       Report on Entertainment Industry Development Corporation Activities by Larry Jacobs

Larry Jacobs read his four page "Report on the EIDC (An essay entitled 'The Cookie Jar')", dated October 24, 2002, a copy of which is attached to these minutes and is posted on the PPCC website. 

The EIDC is the Entertainment Industry Development Corporation.  Larry was a member of a community committee to work with the EIDC to make rule changes responsive to community concerns.  After two years of effort, all recommended changes were rejected by the EIDC in order to "maintain flexibility."  Larry pointed out and objected to serious conflicts of interests of the elected representatives who sit on EIDC's board of directors.  He noted that despite the lack of progress with rule changes that the EIDC had not committed any flagrant violation during the two-year period of review.

Lorraine Oshins reported that there have been continuous problems in the Bel-Air Bay tract.  She indicated letters of protest have been sent to EIDC and Councilwoman Miscikowski, but these protests have been ignored.  Larry apologized for not knowing of these problems.

5.2       Coastal Commission Agenda Item re Seaview Restaurants dba Gladstones Restaurant.

The Chair announced that on November 5, the Coastal Commission will consider a partially after-the-fact request from Seaview Restaurants dba Gladstones Restaurant, for continued use for restaurant purposes of existing public parking lot and beach front public viewing deck.  Also a request for approval of “Gladstones 4 Fish” monument sign between public parking lot and public viewing deck.

A discussion led by Barbara Kohn addressed traffic safety concerns caused by left turns from the southerly exit to the Gladstone's parking lot.  Barbara Kohn noted a recent traffic accident that may have resulted in a fatality was caused by an unsafe left turn.  The viewpoint was also expressed that because of the nearby signal there are traffic breaks that allow a safe left turn and by closing the left turn lane drivers desiring to turn left would turn right and then attempt a more dangerous u-turn on PCH.  The Chair noted that Barry Kurtz is discussing alternatives with the County and with Cal Trans, including moving the exit to where the entrance is, at the traffic light.  Barbara Kohn moved, and Art Mortell seconded, a motion to close the left turn lane out of the southerly exit of the Gladstone's parking lot.   The motion was defeated, five in favor, seven against.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:08p.m.  The next meeting of the PPCC Board will be held at Mort’s Oak Room on November 14, 2002 at 7:00 P.M.

Minutes taken by Norman Kulla, sitting in for the Secretary.

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Minutes of October 10, 2002

Board Members Present (including Alternates and Advisors):

George Wolfberg

Arthur Mortell

Barbara Kohn

Carl Mellinger

Kurt Toppel

Stuart Muller

Tipi Weiner

Richard Bletcher

Lorraine Oshins

Larry Jacobs

Ted Mackie

Norman Kulla

Gilbert Dembo

Jean Gold Friedman

Marguerite Perkins Mautner

Byron Brooks

Larry Jacobs

Frank Wilson for Harry Sondheim

1.0             Introduction of Board and Audience:

The Chair called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. with the reading of the purpose of the PPCC as stated in its Bylaws.  Members of the Board and audience introduced themselves.  The Chair led the Board and audience in a moment of silence for Mort Farberow.

2.0               Adoption of Minutes:

The Minutes of the prior meeting were not completed and not adopted.

3.0            Announcements and Concerns:

3.1  Treasurer’s Report

There is $7,634.23 in the PPCC checking account and $4,773.25 in the savings account.  Mailing costs for the Newsletter have been paid in the amount of $4,796.  Receipts since the Newsletter was mailed have covered costs of the Newsletter.

3.2  Identifying Area Reps Alternates

Frank Wilson, speaking for the committee appointed per our bylaws to identify and recommend area alternates, announced the decisions of Harry Sondheim, Frank Wilson, and Shirley Haggstrom:  First, that Todd Ferrier be approved as Area 5 Alternate, and then per the bylaws be designated Area 5 Representative and second that the following alternates be approved:

Area 1 Alternate:  Norma Spak

Area 2 Alternate:  Barry Kurtz

Area 3 Alternate:  Margaret Goff

Area 4 Alternate:  Robert Baker

Area 5 co-Alternates:  Katy Lain and Peter Partain

The Committee also recommended that Paul Glasgall be appointed as Traffic Advisor and that both Scott Wagenseller and Larry Niles are given responsibilities that will keep them involved with the Council. 

Barbara Kohn moved to adopt the committee report and Arthur Mortell seconded.  The board passed the motion unanimously.

Areas 6,7, and 8 do not currently have Alternates and the committee will continue its search.

3.3  Status of Organizational Representative Designations and others

The Chair will e-mail, to the Board, the newly revised list of Organizations to be represented on the board for the year beginning October 1, 2002.

3.4 Community Service Guidelines

The Chair distributed, to the Board, copies of the Community Service Award Guidelines.  The chair asked that persons willing to serve on the nomination committee contact him.  There was no discussion.

3.5  LA County Sand Replenishment Project

Stan Wisniewski, Director of the Department of Beaches and Harbors for the County of Los Angeles and Joseph Chesler, Chief Planning Director of the same, addressed the Board regarding concerns that the community has expressed over the quality of the infill.  Maria Chong Castillo, Deputy to Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky also spoke.

Stan:  300 truck loads of sand were taken from a new development at Dockweiler Beach.  For 6 days crews observed the offloading of the sand just north of Sunset Blvd.  The crews found no evidence of metals or glass and followed the protocols established to assure the highest quality sand.  One element of the protocol is to sift the sand down to a depth of approx., 18", thus reducing the size of any remaining debris to about a dime.  Soil testing is ongoing and follows the guidelines set by the EPA, and the Coastal Regional Quality Board.  Stan expressed his concern that some unwanted debris may have inadvertently been placed on the beach.  He assured the Board that measures are being taken to remove any debris that the community might be concerned about.  He assured the Board that concerns over the color of the sand will be allayed due to a natural bleaching process that by virtue of exposure to sunlight, will bleach the sand to the same color as the native sand.  He assured the Board that his department has learned from this experience and will, in the future, sift the sand at its source and then cordon off the area that it is being dumped in to protect people from any inadvertent pollution.  He also told the Board that the monitors did not find any evidence of glass and that he believed that any metal found on the beach could be attributed to offshore groins that occasionally wash up on the shore.  Only about 5,000 of the anticipated 20,000 cubic yards of sand material was placed on the beach before the dumping was stopped.  The Chair asked what depth the sand was spread over the beach: Stan:  4'-6' on an angular basis.  Barbara Kohn asked who is doing the soil testing:  Stan:  An independent contractor from public works.  Barbara:  What is the name of the contractor that the Dockweiler Developer hired to haul the sand?  Stan:  Salter Construction.  Lorraine Oshin:  Is this Construction Dirt?  Stan:  No, it tests as sand and it will be bleached-out by the sun.

Joseph Chesler added that there is more silt in the sand than is usual for replenishment.   The Officials then left, after promising to report back to the Board on test results and to continue their efforts at assuring the community a clean beach.

Three residents appeared at the meeting and asked to be heard on the subject.  The Chair granted their request, though there were board members who expressed dissatisfaction with having to revisit the issue.  The residents told the Board that the material dumped is not sand, but dirt; that truck loads of debris, including rocks, rebar, metal spikes, cement caissons, glass, rocks, etc., pollute this dirt and that the sifting process is inadequate in that it only penetrates 6-8", thus leaving concentrated debris below the dirt.  The residents then showed the Board both pictures and a video of the evidence, including footage taken from the source at Dockweiler Beach.  Some members of the Board voiced their outrage. Some Board members felt that representation by Stan Wisniewski and Joseph Chesler adequately addressed the expressed concern while other Board members voiced their opinion that they had been deceived. Gilbert Dembo made a motion that was seconded by Norman Kulla and was amended, with Gil's approval, by Barbara Kohn, that: "The Chair of the Pacific Palisades Community Council draft and send a letter to all appropriate officials expressing our concerns (to be listed by the Chair based on the Board's discussion).  That the video (to be updated by the residents) provided by the residents of the work on the beach, be included with the above letter.  That the 5,000 cubic yards of earth dumped on the beach be removed in its entirety and replaced with sand of the same quality found on the beach prior to the replenishment."

The Motion passed with 13 in favor, 1 opposed and no abstentions.

3.6  Agenda Items for West LA APC

The Chair announced two October 16th Agenda Items for the Area Planning Commission that may impact our Community: 1) 15441 Sunset.  Specific Plan Exception - Perpendicular Sign.  and 2)  17325 Castellammare.  Applicant appealing ZA Conditions - (staff recommends denial of appeal).

3.7 Patrol Signs

Paul Glasgall expressed his frustration over a new city inspector who wants to see the Bel Air Patrol signage removed from the Highlands, and wants to see the patrol cars removed from the center of the street parking spots. The Chair committed to working with Paul on this issue.

3.8 Announcement from the Mayor's new West LA Representative

Viet N. Tran (WLA 310-410-1749 / Downtown 213-978-0739 ) told the Board about the Mayor's efforts to reach out to LA communities with the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Advocacy.  Viet is the West LA Director.  He told us about the $3,000,000 Indemnification Insurance that will be provided to neighborhood groups that contract with the City for neighborhood improvement projects and he told us about the new 311 information and guidance service being established by the City.  He was well received by the Board.


4.1 Traffic Impact of Temescal Storm Drain Diversion Project Update

City Engineer Carl Mills, (213) 847-6516 updated the Board on the planned traffic impact of, and mitigation plans for the work associated with the diversion project. He was accompanied by project coordinator Andy Flores (Bureau of Engineering).  The majority of the work is still expected to involve the curb area, bike and parking lane and Eastern most traffic lane of Temescal Canyon Road.  It is still expected that these areas will be closed to all traffic, including pedestrians, for approximately 8 weeks with the barricaded area to extend approximately 150 ft North of PCH.  The work will be ongoing between 9AM and 4PM each workday.  No work is expected on holidays or weekends though they may attempt to utilize the Christmas Holidays for the most intrusive closures impacting school bus departures. 

As per Arthur Mortell's suggestion that the straight only lane might need to be temporarily re-assigned to be a left turn lane as well, to retain two left turning lanes onto the highway, Carl Mills told the Board that LADOT will work with Cal Trans to accommodate this request.

As per Arthur Mortell's request that signs be placed up Temescal and or on PCH to provide adequate warning of any delays, Carl detailed plans for 2 signs; one located on Northbound Sunset and one located on Southbound Sunset.  Two additional signs will be placed on PCH, one in advance of Sunset Boulevard [the Castellammare Bridge was suggested by Barbara Kohn] and one East of Chautauqua.

Both Andy Flores and Carl Mills outlined the detour route that Pali High officials have agreed to for the School Bus afternoon departure (Sunset to Allenford in Brentwood).  The work that will impact all lanes but one left and one right turn lane will last for 3 weeks.  Byron Brooks asked how much additional commute time will result for the students.  Mssrs Flores and Mills thought it would be a wash considering the expected delay taking the PCH route.

As per the original request by Harry Sondheim requesting advance notification of future projects that would impact the community, Carl informed us that his department is working on establishing new policy guidelines that would do just that.