Team 2014 - Jennifer, Barbara, Chris

The Community Council Board of Governors consists of -

  • The President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary, who are elected by the Board, and serve one year terms beginning on July 1st.  The names of former Community Council Presidents/Chairs may be found at the bottom of this page.

  • The President Emeritus

  • A representative from each of eight geographical areas of the Palisades, who are elected by the area residents, and serve for two years beginning on October 1st of even years. Area boundaries are defined below.

  • An Elected At-Large Representative

  • Representatives of various community organizations, such as the Chamber of Commerce, Temescal Canyon Association, and Theatre Palisades. These representatives serve a one year term beginning on October 1st.

  • Non-voting Advisors

The procedures used to determine Board membership, duties of officers, voting rules, quorum requirements, etc. may be found on the "Bylaws" page of this site.

Members of the Board are listed below with a means to contact each of them. You are encouraged to bring your community concerns to their attention.

All phone numbers shown are in area 310.

Officers and the Chair Emeritus

President Chris Spitz 721.0532
Vice President Andrew Wolfberg 829.7993 x2
President Emeritus Barbara Kohn 454.8185
Secretary Jennifer Malaret 773.7881
Treasurer Richard Cohen 443.0519

Area Representatives,   Area boundaries are defined below.

Please Note: New Area and At-Large Alternates will be elected/approved on October 9th and the new names will be posted here shortly thereafter.

Area 1  Kelly Comras 459.5661
     1st Alternate Doug McCormick 459.1382
     2nd Alternate TBD - -
Area 2 
Paul Glasgall
255.5462 (o)
 877.4872 (h)
    1st Alternate Peter Culhane 230.1100
    2nd Alternate Diane Bleak 454.2842
Area 3  Greg Sinaiko 749.0925
     1st Alternate Howard Robinson 838.0180
    2nd Alternate Brian Deming 323.383.1716
Area 4  Rick Mills 729.4738
    1st Alternate Jennifer Lee 913.5135
    2nd Alternate Carol Bruch 454.9953
Area 5  Sue Kohl 720.3400
    1st Alternate Sash Ramaswami 963.3197
    2nd Alternate Robin Meyers 454.2842
Area 6  Stuart Muller 459.9700
    1st Alternate David Kaplan 459.8086
    2nd Alternate David Peterson 459.9602
Area 7 Cathy Russell 459.5535
    1st Alternate Steve Boyers 463.5990
Area 8 Reza Akef 395-0838
    1st Alternate Andrew Sacks 926.9844
At-Large Representative George Wolfberg 454.4448
    1st Alternate Quentin Fleming 454.0554
    2nd Alternate Michael Soneff 968.5729

Area Boundaries

  • Area 1 - Pacific View Estates, Castellammare, Paseo Miramar, and Sunset Blvd. addresses from PCH to Palisades Drive

  • Area 2 - Palisades Highlands and Palisades Drive to Sunset Blvd.

  • Area 3 - Marquez Knolls and Bel Air Bay Club area, north and south of Sunset from east of Palisades Drive to and including Bienveneda

  • Area 4 - North and south of Sunset from east of Bienveneda to Temescal Canyon

  • Area 5 - Alphabet Streets, north of Sunset from east of Temescal Canyon to and including upper Rivas Canyon

  • Area 6 - Via Mesa/Bluffs, Huntington Palisades, south of Sunset from Temescal Canyon to and including Chautauqua Blvd.

  • Area 7 - Rustic, Santa Monica, and lower Rivas Canyons, and the Will Rogers area

  • Area 8 - Riviera section, and south of Sunset to Allenford, and Paul Revere Middle School

The official and precise definition of area boundaries may be found in
Appendix "B" of the Council Bylaws - seeBylaws and Procedures.

Organizational Representatives

I. Business &
Joyce Brunelle
Chamber of Commerce
      Alternate Susan Payne 625.2448
II. Culture,
    Ethics &
Amy Kalp
Friends of Library
      Alternate Barbara Marinacci
Garden Club
III. Education Maryam Zar
Paul Revere
      Alternate Brian Weitman
Village School
IV. Historian Dick Wulliger
Historical Society
      Alternate Eric Dugdale 890.2323
V. Civic
Donna Vaccarino 
Civic League
      Alternate Bruce Schwartz 
VI. Recreation Carol Pfannkuche
       Alternate Janet Anderson
VII. Environment  Gil Dembo
 Temescal Canyon
       Alternate  Ted Mackie 454.2128
VIII. Sevice Clubs Haldis Toppel
Woman's Club
     Alternate Kevin Niles
Rotary Club
IX. Residents
Janet Turner
Pacific Palisades
Residents Assoc.
       Alternate Brenda Theveny 459.7175

Advisors, (non-voting)

Legal Counsel Ron Dean 459.1636
Social Media/Outreach Campbell Britton -
Youth Schuyler Dietz -
Advisor-Disaster Prepardness Flo Elfant 454.5775
Transportation Patti Post -
Sustainability Laura Mack 420.1604

Community Council Chairs / Presidents

1973Robert Abernethy
1973-75Edwin Staley
1976-78John Prough
1978-79Bob Schibel
1979-80Gloria (Stout) Johnson Nedell
1981-82Lou Barnes
1983-85Sandy Schaefer
1985-87Jim Merriman
1987-89Joan Graves
1989-90Flo Elfant
1990-92Rita Delessio
1992-94Randy Young
1994-96Lila Gordon
1996-98Shirley Haggstrom
1998-00Frank Wilson
2000-02Harry Sondheim
2002-04George Wolfberg
2004-05Norman Kulla
2005-06Kurt Toppel
2006-08Steven Boyers
2008-10Richard G. Cohen
2010-12Janet Turner
2012-14Barbara Kohn
2014-15Chris Spitz

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