The Pacific Palisades Community Council meets at 7 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, except there is one meeting only in July, August, November, and December. Special event dinner meetings are held in April and December. The date for these meetings will be posted here as the meeting date nears.

April 1st
      Golden Sparkplug nominations are due

Fourth Thursday in April
      Golden Sparkplug award(s) presented at the Citizen of the Year banquet

First Meeting in May
      Nominating Committee presents officer candidate list, (BL VII.2.)

First Meeting in June
      Election of Officers, (BL V.3.)
      Intention to run notice due from incumbent Area Reps, (EP A.4.a.)
      Names of incumbent reps running announced by Chair, (EP A.4.b.)

1 July
      Officers begin one-year term, (BL V.3.)

July Meeting (even years)
      Area Rep and At Large Rep candidate statements due to Chair, (EP A.4.a.)
      Questions as to candidacy due, (EP A.4.a.)
      Announcement of incumbent candidates by Chair, (EP A.4.a.)

August Meeting (even years)
      Request to withdraw name from ballot due,(EP A.6).
      Announcement of candidates to be on ballot.

      Publication of ballot and newsletter (even years)

1 October
      Start of fiscal year, (BL IX)
      Organizational reps begin one-year term, (BL.VI.B.2.A)
      Area reps begin two-year term, (BL. VI.B.2.B)

First Meeting in October       Distribute Community Service Award (CSA) guidelines. *

Second Meeting in October
      Appoint CSA Selection Committee. *

First Saturday in November
      CSA nominations due.*

      CSA committee selects recipients and prepares awards*.

December Meeting
      Community Service Awards presented at Potluck Dinner. *

BL = Bylaws,   EP = Election Procedures,   * = Community Service Award procedures