Founded in 1973, the Pacific Palisades Community Council has as its purpose:

  • To be a forum for the discussion of community issues.
  • To be an advocate for the Pacific Palisades to government and private agencies upon those issues where there is broad community agreement.
  • To assist other organizations in the Pacific Palisades which request help in accomplishing their objectives or purposes, and which the Council chooses to support.


On behalf of PPCC, I am pleased to announce a record number of candidates for Area and At-Large Representative in the 2014 PPPC Representative Election. The candidates are:

Area 1: Kelly Comras
Area 2: Paul Glasgall
Area 3: Jim Rea, Greg Sinaiko
Area 4: John Holcomb, Jennifer Lee, Rick Mills, Harry Sondheim
Area 5: Jack Allen, Kathleen Jensen, Sue Kohl, Ted Weitz
Area 6: Rachel Davis, Sharon Hays, David Kaplan, Stuart Muller, Michael Soneff, David Wolff
Area 7: Cathy Russell
Area 8: Reza Akef
At-Large: George Wolfberg

Please Note: One Area 4 candidate, Amy Kalp, has withdrawn from the race; although her name will appear on the ballot, she will be eliminated from the vote count."

The boundaries of each area and a map can be found at: Area Map

Interested constituents will have an opportunity to learn about the candidates' backgrounds and positions on matters of community concern in a variety of ways.
First, PPCC will hold a Candidates Forum at its public meeting on August 14, 2014, from 7-9pm in the Palisades Branch Library.
Next, Palisadians can "meet and greet" the candidates at the Sunday Farmers Market on August 17, 24, and 31.
The candidates will also take constituents questions via email.
For the "meet and greet" schedule and an email address for each candidate please see -
Candidate Emails & Meet & Greets Times

Newsletters containing candidate statements and ballots will be mailed to all Palisades addresses by mid-August. The postmark deadline for mail-in ballots is September 5th.
To view the newsletter, please see

In addition to accepting mail-in ballots, PPCC will hold its first in-person voting event on September 6 (at the Palisades Recreation Center) and September 7 (at the Farmers Market). Election results will be announced at PPCC's meeting on September ll. Look for further details to come in news media, in Nextdoor postings and on PPCC's website and Facebook page,

And, Please note the "Notice of Ballot Availability" at the bottom of this page.

PPCC encourages all Palisadians to vote in the election for Area and At-Large representatives!

I hope to see many of you at PPCC's public board meetings, which take place twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays from 7-9pm in the Palisades branch library community meeting room, except in July, August, November and December, when meetings are once a month (the 2nd Thursday; this September there will be one meeting only on September 11, due to the holidays). Agendas are posted on the website and Facebook page; contact to receive agendas and notices via email.

Last but not least, don't forget to "Like" us on Facebook. See you in the Palisades!

Chris Spitz
PPCC President
August 2014

You are encouraged to attend the Council's Board meetings and make your voice heard in our discussion of community issues. The meetings are held in the meeting room of the Palisades Branch Library, 861 Alma Real and start promptly at 7:00 p.m. To view the agenda for the next Board meeting see - Upcoming Agenda.

And you are invited to bring your community concerns to the attention of individual members of the Council's Board. The name, title, and a means to contact each member may be found on the Board Members page of this site.

The Council may also be reached -

  • By U.S. Mail - Post Office Box 1131, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
  • By e-mail at -
  • By Phone - 310-721-0532

For more about your Council's activities visit the Community Council on FACEBOOK.
Just click on - FaceBook

Although not a Council project, we would like to call your attention to the wonderfully complete disaster preparedness and survival guide prepared by our former Chair, Flo Elfant. The guide may be viewed by selecting Emergency Preparedness

Your Community Council receives no public funding and is entirely dependent on contributions from the Palisades community. A family membership is but $25.00 a year which may be mailed to PO Box 1131, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 or if you prefer you may contribute via the PayPal link below.

Please refer comments concerning this site to -


Pacific Palisades Community Council
2014 Area and At-Large Representative Election

Ballots for the election of Area Representatives and the At-Large Representative to the Pacific Palisades Community Council (PPCC) have recently been mailed to all residential and business addresses in Pacific Palisades. The ballots are included with pre-printed return envelopes inserted in the PPCC newsletter, which should be received at residential and business addresses during the week of August 17.

Individuals who reside in Pacific Palisades are eligible to vote for an Area Representative in the area in which they reside. Individuals who own real property in, or reside in, or operate a business located in Pacific Palisades are eligible to vote for At-Large Representative. Eligible individuals who wish to obtain a ballot but did not receive one in the mail may obtain a ballot at the two (2) in-person voting events to be held this year as an alternative to the mail-in procedure: on September 6, 2014, from 10am-2pm at the Palisades Recreation Center (small gym); and on September 7, 2014, from 10am-2pm at the Palisades Farmers Market. For further information, please visit PPCC's website,, or email

If the mail-in procedure is chosen, ballots must be returned to PPCC by U.S. mail and postmarked no later than September 5, 2014. Again, if the mail-in deadline is missed or if in-person voting is preferred, an alternative procedure is now available for individuals to vote in-person on September 6 or 7.

There are 21 candidates for the eight Area representative and one At-Large representative seats this year. The candidates and their statements are listed in the PPCC newsletter, which is posted online at (Please note that one candidate for Area 4, Amy Kalp, has withdrawn; any votes for her will not be counted.)

Constituents are invited to learn more about the candidates and their positions in the following ways:

August 17, 24 and 31: Candidate Meet & Greets, 9am-1pm, Farmers Market
Until September 5: Candidates will take constituents' questions via email.

The Meet & Greet schedule and candidates' email addresses are posted at

Mail-in ballots (postmark) deadline: September 5
In-person voting (alternative procedure): September 6 and 7