Founded in 1973, the Pacific Palisades Community Council has as its purpose:

  • To be a forum for the discussion of community issues.
  • To be an advocate for the Pacific Palisades to government and private agencies upon those issues where there is broad community agreement.
  • To assist other organizations in the Pacific Palisades which request help in accomplishing their objectives or purposes, and which the Council chooses to support.


As we await the expected impact of El Nino rains, PPCC continues to address numerous issues with potential and/or actual impacts on the Palisades.

Recent past meetings:

January 28, 2016 LADWP officials presented extensive information and answered many questions by Board and audience members about proposed temporary "pole-mounted" distributing stations to increase power capacity due to overloaded circuits in areas of the Palisades. Two such facilities will be installed by this summer, one in PPCC Area 4 on El Medio south of Sunset (adjacent to the high school property) and one in PPCC Area 3 on Marquez (adjacent to the LADWP property). One or more additional pole-mounted stations may be installed in the near future; LADWP will notify PPCC in advance of the installations. These temporary facilities will remain in place only until construction of the DS 104/permanent substation is completed (still in process; substation location and CEQA notice date TBD). PPCC also unanimously passed a motion to support the recently revised Above Ground Facilities (AGF) Ordinance (regulation of cell towers in the public right of way).
See DWP Power Point Presentation

January 14, 2016 FAA officials presented a briefing on the new Metroplex plan and also answered questions about recent incidents of increased noise from low flying aircraft; we expect further updates from the FAA and Congressman Lieu. PPCC unanimously passed a motion calling for City Council to address the low flying aircraft situation with the FAA, see Aircraft noise letter (see Aircraft Noise Letter). The proposed Village Starbucks CUB (onsite beer and wine sales) was also discussed; questions were raised but due to time constraints PPCC took no position; Starbucks' representative will attend PPCC's 2/11/16 meeting to provide additional information.

Upcoming Board meetings:

February 11, 2016 7pm, Palisades branch library. Topics: (1) Palisades PRIDE project to undertake streetscape improvements to make the La Cruz/Alma Real intersection safer for the public; (2) further presentation regarding the proposed Village Starbucks CUB (City file and determination on the application kept open for PPCC comment until 2/16/16).

February 25, 2016 7pm, Palisades branch library. Topic: (Tentative) Village Project Land Use Committee update/supplement to its preliminary report, seeVPLUC Preliminary Report, and potential Board discussion of the Caruso Affiliated Village Project land use application (MND/traffic study expected to be released in mid-February; see also PPCC minutes of 11/18/15 and 1/14/16).

Update on ongoing PPCC discussion topics:

Local issues/projects: (1) Caruso Affiliated Village Project (VPLUC review and PPCC Board discussion ongoing); (2) Homelessness (ongoing monthly public PPTFH meetings; Homeless Count 1/28/16; OPCC outreach workers working to provide services and housing for homeless individuals; contact; (3) Village Shell Station plans for 24 hour mini mart and beer and wine sales (see PPCC minutes of 10/8/15 and 10/22/15); (4) Village Starbucks CUB (PPCC Board review and discussion ongoing).

Ordinances/Legislation: (1) Senate Bill 218 ending photo enforcement of stop signs in MRCA parklands (failed in committee but expected to be reconsidered in early 2016); (2) AGF Ordinance revisions completed and now in Council committee (PPCC supports the revised Ordinance; see PPCC minutes of 1/28/16); (3) Baseline Mansionization and Baseline Hillside Ordinance amendment (see PPCC minutes of 11/12/15 and 1/14/16 and attached letter requesting postponement of the matter to allow for further study and outreach); (4) RecodeLA project (ongoing rewrite of the entire Zoning Code; we will monitor); (5) Sidewalk Vending (see PPCC minutes of 9/10/15; Councilmember Bonin position: in favor of sidewalk vending but against blanket Citywide legalization; matter pending in Council committee); (6) Citywide Sign Ordinance (see PPCC minutes of 11/12/15 and 1/14/16; (8) Short Term Vacation Rentals (see PPCC minutes of 10/22/15 and 1/14/16 and attached letter; draft ordinance expected sometime in February 2016).

We invite everyone to Like Us on Facebook at! Look for PPCC volunteers at the Palisades Farmers Market on occasional Sundays (dates TBA) from 9am-12n. I hope to see you at the Market and at PPCC upcoming meetings. And don't forget to email if you'd like to be added to PPCC's email list for meeting agendas and other notices. Your questions/concerns and suggestions for improvement are also welcome!

PPCC is an all-volunteer non-profit organization working diligently to preserve and protect the quality of life in Pacific Palisades. We invite all who are genuinely interested to attend our meetings, participate in the discussion and get involved!

Chris Spitz
PPCC President
February 2016

Please note that your Community Council receives no financial support from any agency and is entirely dependent on voluntary contributions from the Palisades community.
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You are encouraged to attend the Council's Board meetings and make your voice heard in our discussion of community issues. The meetings are held in the meeting room of the Palisades Branch Library, 861 Alma Real and start promptly at 7:00 p.m. To view the agenda for the next Board meeting see - Upcoming Agenda.

And you are invited to bring your community concerns to the attention of individual members of the Council's Board. The name, title, and a means to contact each member may be found on the Board Members page of this site.

The Council may also be reached -

  • By U.S. Mail - Post Office Box 1131, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
  • By e-mail at -
  • By Phone - 310-721-0532

And for information on how to contact LAPD Senior Lead Officer Michael Moore, LAFD Stations 69 and 23, and our elected representatives please see Government Contacts.

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For a list of PPCC positions on projects and land use matters, see Land Use Positions

Although not a Council project, we would like to call your attention to the wonderfully complete disaster preparedness and survival guide prepared by our former Chair, Flo Elfant. The guide may be viewed by selecting Emergency Preparedness

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